SimMine Packages

Use SimMine® for optimised resource planning and scheduling of underground development.

Development Module

Production Module

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Optimise costs and schedules

Analyse projects costs and resources schedules and optimise the equipment maintenance schedule

Optimise costs and schedules

Analyse projects costs and resources schedules and optimise the equipment maintenance schedule

Capture the effect of variation

Dynamic simulation is the only tool that can capture the effect of variation (e.g. activity times), equipment interference and queuing and randomness

Find optimal capacity requirements & schedules

Find the optimal equipment fleet size and procurement schedule, ore handling system capacity and shift schedule

Shorten The Critical Path

Shorten critical path for underground mine development to maximise mine revenue and earlier Return-on-Investment (ROI)

Feasibility studies

Test feasibility of long and short-term mine development and production schedules

Quantify consumables & environmental factors

Quantify consumables & environmental factors (e.g. heat, noise, ventilation requirements etc.)

Optimise costs and schedules

Analyse projects costs and resources schedules and optimise the equipment maintenance schedule

Analyse Projects costs and Resources Schedules

Analyse Projects costs and Resources Schedules

Quickly identify System Bottlenecks

Quickly identify System Bottlenecks

Identify the critical path

Identify critical paths and critical start dates in development projects

Test alternative scenarios

Test alternative scenarios to optimise development plan and maximise rates (e.g. additional trackless equipment, operators, alternative shifts, etc.)

Key Features

Easy Setup of Interdependencies & Sequences

Eliminate Programming of several logical steps

Including cycles and equipment movement. SimMine is a simulator so no coding is required!

Multiple mine setups

Including setup of Layout, Nodes / Stations, loading / dumping logic, dispatch logic

Easy to setup in SimMine

Requiring programming of several logical steps in other simulation packages

Eliminate the need for mine layout setups

Including layout-constrained equipment traffic control and dynamic distances needed in other discrete-event software packages

Comprehensive Standard Set of Outputs Generated

Production & vehicle costs

Various costs of production and vehicles

Fleet utilisation

Operational, idle, shift breaks, unplanned and planned downtime

Development Sequence

Detailed Gantt charts showing Section Development and Resource usage

Periodic Development Stats

Tonnages, number of development stages, distance advance (meters)

Ore/Waste Tonnes per resource

Transfer pass, Loading bay, Silo, etc.

Activity waiting times

Cumulative face waiting times

Vehicle consumption

Fuel and energy consumption, electricity usage, dust accumulation, ventilation

Cycle time per heading

Net cycle time, gross cycle time

Loading & transport stats

Periodic tonnes by rock type from various locations

Summary outputs

Total vehicle distance, Total vehicle hours, Total vehicle rounds & costs

Personalised reports

Create your own reports directly from the database with tools such as PowerBI, Tableau, etc.

SimMine vs Generic Simulation Software

All modules come with basic functionality to setup a layout and vehicles to perform different activities in the mine. Add modules to enhance your user experience.

Feature Generic Simulation Software SimMine
Programming of several logical steps, including cycles and equipment movement
Setup of Layout, Nodes / Stations, loading / dumping logic, dispatch logic
Dynamic Opening of new staging / transfer points / conveyors
Time Consuming
Speed Restrictions in various parts of a mine
Time Consuming
Standard outputs e.g. Advance / day, Periodic Tonnages, Equipment Utilisations etc.)
Time Consuming
Operating and Blasting Schedules, interruption of activities
Time Consuming
Dynamic Face Advance, especially animation thereof
Interdependencies of Sections
Rock Types (Ore / Waste)
Dynamic Face Profiles (Dimensions)
Different Equipment and Development Cycle for different sections of a mine
Verification and Validation
Time Consuming

How Does It Work?

simmine step 1

Step 1

Import your existing mine layout, design the simulation model and set your parameters.

simmine step 2

Step 2

Create your development plan according to time limits, predecessor and priority.

simmine step 3

Step 3

Simulate your development plan and evaluate the results.

simmine step 4

Step 4

Find the best solution by using the SimStat function or by performing repeated tests.

SimMine Packages Compared

We offer two different types of SimMine packages designed for the services you require. Fill in the form below if you would like to learn more about these packages.

Modules Development Package Production Package
Mine layout altering
Vehicle setup & altering
Activities for Development
Set start and end dates for development sections
Assign rock properties
Assign face profiles
Set costs for materials used
Set start and end dates for development sections
Activities for Development
Set a 3D model for a vehicle
Assign textures on sections
Import layouts from Mine2-4D / Deswik
Add production locations to the layout
Long hole drilling activity

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