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SimMine Demo video can be seen HERE and HERE.

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Make the most out of your assets. Use SimMine® for optimised resource planning and scheduling of underground development. Make sure your development project is completed on time within budget. SimMine® Development Package is an easy-to-use and powerful software to plan, simulate and evaluate the development process in underground mining. By using SimMine® as the method of verification of plans, you will get more accurate results than from commonly used spreadsheet based schedulers.

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SimMine® Development Package is an easy-to-use and powerful software to plan, simulate and evaluate the development process in underground mining. By using SimMine® as the method of verification of plans, you will get more accurate results than from commonly used spreadsheet based schedulers.

Improve your development process

SimMine® Development Package improves development processes by allowing the user to:

  • Test long- and short-term schedules ahead of time to see if development targets can be met
  • Compare different scenarios to yield an improved development schedule
  • Analyse multiple infrastructure scenarios
  • Identifying critical paths and critical start date in development projects
  • Analyze development delays due to equipment downtime and effects of maintenance improvements
  • Watch ongoing operations animated on the screen to validate equipment assignments
  • Evaluate best shift schedules to meet development rate demands
  • Test what priorities will best achieve your development goals
  • Simulate drift development with both single and multiple headings for long access drive
  • Find the most cost effective way to develop your mine
  • Find the optimal fleet size, number of operators and best shift schedule
  • Reduce bottlenecks and equipment conflicts
  • Determine the effectiveness of changing fleet size, either by acquisition or removal of equipment

Development planning in SimMine® Development Package

No programming skills needed and usage of outside consultant’s expertise

Step 1

Import your existing mine layout, design the simulation model and set your parameters.


Step 2

Create your development plan according to time limits, predecessor and priority.


Step 3

Simulate your development plan and evaluate the results.


Step 4

Find the best solution by using the SimStat function or by performing repeated tests.


SimMine® Development Package provides the answer

See your mine development in operation:

  • Watch ongoing operations animated on the screen to validate equipment assignments and section priorities
  • Animate daily operations
  • Animate development progression
  • Animate equipment movement
  • Analyse machine interactions and development delays for better understanding of the statistical results generated by the model itself
  • Animation allows management to view proposed changes and provides a means for greater buy-in by the management team
  • Animation also provides an educational tool for teaching operators and supervisors how the system will operate. Management, scheduling, maintenance, and operational strategies can be explored with increased understanding of the complex interactions that exist in the development process. Simulation provides a method for learning how to use problem solving techniques.

Output reports:

  • Schedule – project-, yearly-, monthly- and weekly sequences schedule
  • Production – meter developed and development rate for entire mine, per mine area and section, waste and ore developed, etc
  • Resources – Vehicle, operator, object (work-, travel-, wait-, breakdown-, Idle-, meeting time, etc), resource utilization, bottlenecks, equipment interferences and delays, etc
  • Material handling – material type and amount different objects (crusher, shaft, remuck bay, conveyor, etc) have received and processed, material type and amount every loader and truck have transported, tkm’s, where bottlenecks are in the material handling system, how the material handling system can handle different development rates, etc
  • Cost – Capital, vehicle, operator, material and total development cost, total for the mine, per mine area, per drift section, per development meter and per ton waste and ore developed.
  • Activity – utilization of drifts, activity wait times for drifts (time drifts spend waiting on activity to occur), average cycle time for the mine, mine area and drift section, etc
  • Report period -day, week, month and year
  • etc

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