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Download SimMine and its requirements.

Note! Before upgrading to a new version, take a database backup prior to installing the new version of SimMine!

Note2! Version 4 does not install correctly if a version 3 or earlier version of SimMine already exist on the computer. Uninstall the older version first.

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System Requirements



Files in this Download

The links in this section correspond to separate files available in this download. Download the files most appropriate for you.



This download is for new installations or upgrades. SimMine requires some components to exist before you can install it. These requirements does only need to be installed once. For a first-time install, please download the requirements here.

SimMine is supported on both 32 and 64 bit windows operating systems with the following limitations:

  • If Microsoft Office 64-bit version is installed, the 32-bit version of SimMine is not supported.
  • On many 64bit versions of windows Vista or Windows 7 operating systems, 32-bit ofice is installed. In this case, Aero must be enabled. If it is not enabled, it must exist a 32-bit driver for OpenGL. This driver is often missing or non-existing.

Version 5 of SimMine contains all necessary files to start using SimMine.

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Important Note for SimMine v4 and earlier: For 64-bit operating systems, Microsoft office can be installed in 32 or 64bit versions. This decides if a 32bit or 64bit version of SimMine shall be installed. The version of Microsoft Access database engine which correspond to the office version (32 or 64 bit) must be installed (in the requirement package). A 64-bit version of the Microsoft Access database engine driver cannot be installed if a 32bit Microsoft Office version is installed. For systems with a Microsoft Office 64-bit version, SimMine 32-bit is not supported

Version 5 of SimMine does only exist in a 64bit version and does not depend on any installed Office.

Virtual machines are not supported for trial versions. For other versions, it depends on the license (HASP lock).

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Steps to download and install the requirements:

For version 4 of SimMine: Read the install instructions v4 before starting the install process

For version 5 of SimMine: The requirements have changed name to SimMine common files and is simple to install. It is described in SimMine install instruction v5, which can be downloaded below.


File Description Published
Install instructions v5 Instructions for how to install SimMine version 5 and its components 2019-08-24
Install instructions v1-3 Instructions for how to install SimMine prior to version 4 2015-12-10
Install instructions v4 Instructions for how to install SimMine version 4 and its components 2017-04-04
SimMine v5.15 SimMine application


Database conversion tool to v5 32 bit Conversion of old databases to version 5 format, for 32-bit installs of SimMine version 4 2020-10-01
Database conversion tool to v5 64 bit Conversion of old databases to version 5 format, for 64-bit installs of SimMine version 4 2020-10-01
Database conversion instructions Instructions for how to use the database conversion tool 2019-08-09
SimMine Common Files Common files which must be installed once, before starting to use SimMine 2020-11-04
Requirements The requirements needed to run SimMine. Only needs to be installed once 2015-12-10
SimMine_v4.12_32bit 32bit version of SimMine 2020-04-08
SimMine_v4.12_64bit 64bit version of SimMine 2020-04-08
SimMine_v3.15_32bit 32bit version of SimMine 2017-03-02
SimMine_v3.15_64bit 64bit version of SimMine 2017-03-02
SimMine_v4.11_trial_32 32bit trial version of SimMine (45 days) 2018-12-02
SimMine_v4.11_trial_64 64bit trial version of SimMine (45 days) 2018-12-02
SimMine_v2.50_32bit 32bit version of SimMine 2014-10-23
SimMine_v2.50_64bit 64bit version of SimMine 2014-10-23
SimMine_v1.22_32bit 32bit version of SimMine 2013-04-25
SimMine_v1.22_64bit 64bit version of SimMine 2013-04-25
SimMine Player SimMine Player to play a recorded simulation from SimMine 2015-10-05
Sentinel HASP License update instructions Instructions for how to update or prolong your license 2015-12-10
SimMine Remote Update Service A license update application for hardware locks 2016-12-19
HASP Driver Hardware lock driver for network license 2020-11-06

For a list of changes between versions, please check out the Version history

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